Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week 50 1/2
May 28, 2014

(she got a bonus day to write, due to the travel)

I know that God's priesthood authority is on the Earth and I'm so grateful for it!

Also, I went to Ecuador yesterday. We just got off the plane in Tumbes, Peru. It looked like Africa with the short little trees and it was so hot! Then we drove to Ecuador and then drove back to Peru and then flew back to Cusco and now I can be in the country for like another 180 days or something. 

Also, about this past week:
We finally got a house! We have been living with some hermanas here in Puno and it has been fun but also hard because it was a little far from our area. From our house you can see the Lake real well. We kind of didn't have running water for a little bit but now we do so I love it.

We met this 90 year old hermana and we were trying to ask her for directions but she just kept telling us, I'm 90 years old!  I'm the only one that lives here! And she had cotton balls in her ears so I had to talk into her ear the whole time. And she had this long stick for some reason that she kept whipping around and almost hitting my companion on the head. She couldn't help us, but it was awesome because she reminded me of Rafiki.

One day I hit my head on this cement awning overhang thing on a house because I was so short. And it made me bleed! I am way too tall.

Also, I was trying to apply better what true faith is. President Harbertson taught us about how true faith is more than just a wishful thinking--(I hope we can find a family, or I hope it doesn't rain...) but that it is an expectation. When you have a question, seek personal revelation. With this answer that you receive you have to expect (not just wish or hope) that it will happen. At this point in the last week we really only had three investigators that we were visiting actualmente. And we had an appointment with each one of them all in one day. That day I was just praying so much that we would be able to have the appointments and not have any of them fall through. I felt like that is what God wanted for them. Well, the first one fell through but we were excited for the second one with Moises and went to meet the member that was going to come with us. Since he is just a single guy we need another hermana to come with us and we waited for her and called her and went to her house and she just bailed on us. But I was trying to not get discouraged and have faith that somehow, I had no idea how, we would be able to have the lesson. We started walking to his house and my companion asked me what we were going to say to him. I said maybe his mom will be home (we have invited her to listen but she hasn't joined us yet). But I really didn't know. I just remember learning about how discouragement is of the adversary. So we got to Moises house and knocked and I still didn't know how we were going to make this work, just that is was going to somehow. I remember that I told President sometimes I want to have that expectation but that I worry if maybe it's not the will of God, so it won't happen. But he told me we have to seek the inspired answers and then go for them and expect them. And that if God wants something else, it's something better. But I didn't think God wanted our appointment with Moises to fall through. People have their agency but we were dong our part so why wouldn't it work? So I wasn't worried.. So there we were and all of a sudden I just look up and there is this hermana that I have never seen before just smiling at me. The second I saw her I knew she was coming in that lesson with us. We started talking to her. Turns out she is a member of a different ward in Puno and was just across the street running an errand with her husband. She felt like she just needed to come talk to us, as if we were waiting for her. I asked her if she would like to accompany us for a little bit, and of course she agreed. She was so awesome. She just dropped everything and came in and helped us with the lesson! It was amazing and it just helped me see how silly it is for me to worry about how things are going to work out. Because they just are! And it is so wonderful! I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for watching out for us and loving me enough to let us have that lesson. That meant so much to me. 

So it was a crazy week! But a good week! I love you all tons and hope this is a great week for you! Love youuuu!

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