Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 51

June 2, 2014

Cow Udders are what I ate for lunch this week. I´ll take the cow tongue anyday. Also we have been eating chuño. I´ve probably talked about it before but Puno is kind of famous for it, especially now that it is winter. Chuño is potato that they put into freezing water and then squish it with their feet. It´s a little nasty but we don´t eat it too terribly much and my pension actually prepares it the best out of anywhere I have eaten it. Mostly because she chops it up into little tiny pieces. 

on the roof with my comp

This week was a little rough just because I have been praying so hard for Moises that he can stick with it and read and pray everyday, and come to church this week. We had our appointment and early in the day I thought maybe to call him and remind him but I was like, oh but Moises is good about remembering our appointments. So I didn´t listen. When we went to our appointment and we weren´t able to teach him because he had drank and wasn´t sober. My heart was so broken because I care about him a lot. I know how much he wants to be baptized and he struggles a lot with this addiction. And my heart was broken because I thought back to that morning and I realized that was probably an idea from the Spirit. Why do I have to ¨put my trust in the arm of flesh?¨ and listen to my own ideas instead of being obedient to the Spirit? I know that everyone has agency and is responsible for their own choices. But I could have helped. I don´t want that to ever ever happen again ever because it was a terrible feeling. But we are going to press forward and I´m not giving up on Him.
I am so grateful for the gospel. That I have it. I am so grateful and remember what Grandpa Davis said, ¨I find it a miracle to have been plucked from the midst of humanity and recieved the gospel in the manner I did.¨ I am so grateful that Heavenly Father still loves me even though I make so many annoying mistakes. And I know that if we put our trust in the Lord we can overcome our faults. I love my Savior so much for making that possible for me and that He established his church so I can commit myself to do better every week during the sacrament. That is one thing I really have come to appreciate much more here in the mission. And we are moving forward!
I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and keep moving forward! (Isn´t that from meet the Robinsons or something? I don´t know.) But I´m okay. And I hope you guys are doing great!  Lots of love.
The big sac of rice on the bottom lasts how long? Guess!

(un mes!) Crazy. Love you! 

people use our roof to hang underwear. surprise!

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