Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 54
June 23, 2014

Dear Guys,
Well this week was a little nuts mostly because I had to go to Lima to do some more legal stuff. I spent some absolutely delightful hours in Immigrations and Interpol. So I think I am almost legal and stuff I just will have to go back to Lima once more. But the good news is that I don´t think I will be deported like my zone leader, who has three days to leave the country because his visa expired and he can´t renew it for some reason because of where he is from. The real good news is that while we were in Lima we were able to go to the temple! It's been almost a year and was sooooo good to remember some stuff and just be in there and feel peace. We had to kind of bully our driver guy into taking us there but we got there!  Do whatever you have to do to get to the temple because it is the best place in the world. Even better than Ragged Mountain. 

So I don´t have much to report. Except that when we got back we did weekly planning because we had missed it. We talked about if we should keep our goal for Moises for the 28th. We have been calling every day to just check in when we don´t have an appointment. He hadn´t been answering the last couple days but I remembered what I've learned about setting goals you think are what the Lord wants and then doing all that is your part to make them happen. When we had set the goal of the 28th in our planning we thought it was right.We decided to stick with this goal. The next day when we called Moises to remind him about church he was just like, ¨Yes, Hermana I´m coming!¨ and I was just like ¨woohooo!¨ and he laughed. It felt so good to not hear excuses. Then in church we prayed one more time and saved him a spot in the chapel. He wasn´t there when it started but I thought he would just come in late. He never came. I guess his mom asked him to take over the family business for a couple hours or something. It was really disappointing to have your hopes crash like that but I am trying to stay upbeat because I know we did absolutely everything we needed to do . I know miracles come by faith. But I don´t think lack of faith got in the way of the miracle, only his agency. And agency is part of the plan, so we have to respect that. It´s frustrating, but it´s okay. We are ready to have a great week! Love you tons!
Hermana Beckstead

 Having fun at interpol!

Pizza. We were actually happy but for whatever reason sometimes Peruvians don´t smile in pictures so we took one like that too.  (Except for the guy down on the end...)

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