Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guess Who Has Legs?

Week 55
June 30, 2014

Well, I do. But RUPERTINA HAS LEGS TOO! I know. What? I feel a little silly being tricked by a 76 year old woman, but hey. These sweet PuneƱos are quite the little tricksters. Starting off with the member family one of my first days here trying to get us to believe they were investigators and would be extremely offended if we didn't take their alcohol. They didn't get me that time but boy did they get me this time. You see, Rupertina is a little on the plump side. And here their native dresses are really big. So she just always had her tiny legs under there hidden sitting on the bed when we visited. You can imagine my shock when we caught Rupertina standing up in the street by their house one day. So yeah. But it's really nice that she has legs because getting her to come to church is going to be a lot easier now. And she came! It was so great! 

This week is going great with the less actives. Not so much with the investigators. We are probably dropping Moises at least for a little bit because if he won't even come to church there is no way he will have the strength to quit for good because he will be missing out on those blessings. There is a scripture in D&C that talks about how they received the glory they were willing to receive. We have done our part. It's up to him and his agency--where he wants to be.

And then there was the part of this week where a drunk man yelled at us, "get out of here Satan!¨ Twice. But it was one of those Elder Holland being a disciple moments and I'm just like just keep walking. 

Oh yeah, one funny story: We were talking with an hermana we contacted who had just had a baby. I asked her "where do you think your baby came from? She just paused and was like,  "well, I think we all know...when a man and a woman..."  WOAH woah woah stop. That is NOT what I meant. Like before that! haha so fun. 

Then we met this less active Thania. We have had her address for awhile from our area book but we hadn't found her house! This week we found it! And it was one of those awesome lessons where we just asked questions and found out why she really went inactive. I just felt like we were able to discern her needs and I felt so much love for her. I felt prompted to share the story of the Prodigal son and I just almost cried there with her. I felt that God loved her so much. She made a few bad mistakes that led her so far away from the path God wanted for her and as a result felt ashamed to come to church. But I really do feel like we helped her. And we stopped by for her on Sunday and she came to church for the first time in a very long time. I felt so happy to see her there! 

It was a great week. I love you so much! Have a wonderful week! God loves you!

Hermana Beckstead

Pictures- my hija finally got her first llama sweater! They are the warmest.

Our stake had a dance festival for the public. We went outside and got a bunch of people to come in off the street. Great missionary opportunity! The wards did dances from different countries. Ours did Bolivia and of course they were pretty much the best. 

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