Friday, July 18, 2014

July 14, 2014
Week 57

Boy do I have a lot to tell you guys! At the beginning of this month when we made our goals, we had two new investigators that we were pretty excited about. We felt like we should put 2 as our goal for baptisms. I was hesitant because to be completely honest, I am tired of setting goals and failing at them but we prayed again and I felt a peace come over me. So we put two as the goal. Well, turns out one of them lives just outside our sector (we learned it wasn't part of our area when a member came with us) so we passed that reference over to ChanuChanu. And then the other one didn't come to church that Sunday and she isn't quite ready to give up dancing in the Candelaria, which is a really big festival where they dance for the saints. So I was just praying really hard that we could meet this goal. I remember what President Harbertson taught about real faith. I know Heavenly Father wouldn't just make me feel like we needed to put 2 just to set me up for failure. So I have been praying a lot. This week when we were planning, we had an appointment with two new investigators we had felt inspired to contact off the street. I just had a subtle impression--that's them. I just got so excited! Heavenly Father brought us to this awesome family. The parents aren't members but have three children that are. One is currently serving a mission. The dad is out of town for work except for the end of the month and we are excited to meet him but for now we are working with the rest. There are two brothers in their 20s that I feel like have just been so prepared. We invited them to be baptized the 26th and they are praying about it still. But I know what Heavenly Father's answer will be. They came to church. One of them especially has just been reading in the Book of Mormon and Liahona like crazy. I don't feel worried about it. They haven't given a definite yes but the Lord has just prepared them so much and heard all my prayers. I am so grateful for all my opportunity to practice having real faith I don't have to worry because God made me a promise and He is not going to back out on it. So let me go back to how we actually found them. We were just walking down the street and I had a prompting to knock on this random door. We met Evert who told us he used to go to church and listened to the missionaries but stopped because he was offended. We talked to him a little and invited him to church but didn't make another appointment. The next week we were walking down the same street and my companion felt like we should go back. So then we met Elmer, who is Evert's brother. He has a lot of admiration for his younger brother that is in the mission field. He has noticed how happy faithful members of the church are. They just love everything. Elmer is 23 and wants to go on a mission. They showed up at church! In a suit and tie and Evert had actually combed his hair. It was kind of one of those sacrament meetings where the speakers were making me nervous but I just prayed that God would save this sacrament meeting. In that moment, the counselor got up and announced the patriarch would be speaking.It was perfect and they loved it.  Prayers answered for sure! So they are doing great. We have an appointment with them tonight and we will see what they say. I love you guys! Have a great week! 

The pic in front of the tree is from carnival, the big water festival thing. They walk around this tree and chop it down and then collect all the goodies below. Like a piƱata tree. 

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