Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I have 20 years!

Week 41

March 24, 2014

Hey Guys!
Hope you had a great week!
I turned 20. Or, as a Peruvian would say, I have 20 years. That's kind of a lot. We kicked it off by my companion calling me up to help her get something and had me open the cabinet. I knew it was a trick. So what was in the cabinet? Oh nothing. She just used it as a distraction to crack a raw egg on my head and then pour flour on me! That was pretty fun! 
Then we went and had a lesson with Dante. He has family that are members but they don't come to church. One Sunday he just came to church on his own! We invited him to be baptized on the 12th of April and he said yes. Happy birthday to me!
Then we walked around a lot because no one was home.
Then the sister leaders made me real pancakes and they even found maple syrup. It was sohoho good. 
Also for my birthday we got another companion. She was serving in Venezuela but it's too dangerous, so there are only Venezuelan missionaries there now. This last transfer she wasn't allowed to leave her room because of the things happening outside. A member brought them food. She read everything. She's great!
But now there are transfers and she is going somewhere else. I'm staying here with Hermana Valverde! Woohoo! 
Also this week we had an awesome ward activity. The guys did free car washes.  While people were waiting for their cars, we gave them tours of the chapel. There were so many people that said they didn't know they were allowed in, or that they thought we were closed off people. but now they know we are not a cult!  And our churches are great. And now they will feel more comfortable to come on a Sunday
Anyhoo love you guys! I took pictures but the computer isn't recognizing my sd card But picture me in your heads. With egg and flour plastered on my head and dripping down my clothes. Have a great week!  

Week 40

March 19, 2014

Well, Hello!
This week was pretty good.  We met a new investigator, Norka. We met her when she came into the open chapel because there were people outside doing carnival and she didn't want them to get her wet. We taught her and her sister and they are pretty prepared. They would ask us questions that led perfectly into what we were about to explain, which was awesome. We taught them the restoration and her sister told us she thought it was true. Awesome! They are named Betsi and Norka. We hope they will keep progressing. Sometimes we meet cool people and then they go on a trip or something and it gets hard. But summer vacation just ended and school is back in so hopefully that will stop happening and we can keep teaching them! And hopefully we will get back with Laura and Ale who I talked about last week. 
Sometimes people diss on sister missionaries, which is kind of awful, but it's okay because it helped me reflect a lot this week. A mission isn't necessary for all sisters, and it is a personal choice with lots of prayer for everyone, but I know I needed to serve one. I have grown a lot in 9 months and it kind of required stopping for a second and looking back to realize that. I still have a long way to go but I am grateful that the Lord is using my mission as a way to teach me a lot of things that I needed to learn.  I really am grateful to be here. We are where we are for a reason. So we will see what happens next! Transfers this week. Love you guys! Sorry no pictures, I forgot my sd card adapter. But love you all the same! 
Hermana beckstead

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tukuy Sunquywanmi Munakuyki

Week 39
March 9, 2014

I bet you've all been wondering how to say ¨I love you with all my heart¨ in Quechua. That is how. 
Well, first of all, a new missionary arrived from a different mission. So they stole away Hna. Hansen to be her companion in a new area. So it´s back to being a normal companionship (not a trio). It is really weird. Two is the loneliest number you could ever feel. Just kidding. But good. So I´m with Hna. Valverde and she is wonderful.

Joe got baptized! It was awesome! And his dad, a recent convert (who recently was ordained to the priesthood) was able to baptize him! It was soooo awesome to see that cycle. They both shared their testimonies afterwards. Joe said what he felt was indescribable but that he felt as if Jesus was by his side. And Felix said he didn't have words to describe it but he felt very happy. The testimony part is always the best. 

Speaking of water, they kept doing Carnival. We had a member with us and when we saw a big truck full of shirtless men with lots of water she acted like it was World War 3 and rushed us to cover. And we made it out unscathed. But then a little later, they got me. A little kid throwing water out of his car window. Well played Peru, well played. They got me. The Quechua women here have awesome hats, and when it´s raining or whatnot they just put plastic bags over the hat. Doesn't matter if they get wet, just not the hat. I love it. 

Also this week we taught a first lesson to a mother and daughter we found contacting. First, the mom, Laura is MARRIED. That is so cool. And rare here. And Alejandra asked all the perfect questions, like s there something after this life? And will we be able to see our loved ones after we die? Basically a missionary´s dream come true. We just answered the questions very simply and the Spirit was so strong. He always testifies best to simple, true statements. But it was seriously incredible. As the words came out of my mouth the Spirit was tangible in the room. I think it was the strongest I have ever felt the Spirit in the field. It just strengthened my testimony that there are people here that need the Gospel. They have questions and we can help them find the answers and the peace that the answers will give their soul. Heavenly Father is so mindful of His children and where they are, and He helps us find them. Just trust in Him always!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you tons!
Pictures- the trio goodbyes
the baptism
and I promise Joe´s not just happy because he has some awesome cake in his hand.The cake was really good but the baptism was better...

Tukuy Sunquywanmi Munakuyki!

Hermana Beckstead

" Hehehehe. Hit my 9 month mark."

Monday, March 3, 2014

Paros, Cambios, y Bastante Agua

Week 38

March 3, 2014

Strikes, Changes, and lots of water. That pretty much sums it up. Hi everyone!  This week was NUTS. Okay, Monday and Tuesday Cusco went on strike. So that´s fun. Also, Carnival was this week. We got water balloons thrown at us and foam sprayed at us. Okay, that part was actually really fun. It was hot at first, so I just embraced it and held my arms out and smiled real big and then they would attack me. Hermana Hansen was less excited to have them thrown at her. And then there was a companionship in the mission with some problems I guess... so emergency transfer. They stole away Hermana Luque and gave us another missionary. Really sad sad day. I guess our trio was too awesome to last forever. But she´s really great. She´s named Hermana Valverde and she is from Trujillo. So maybe you are wondering if we got any missionary work done. Well, yes we did!
We have been teaching Yoe all of my time here. He is the son of a really great recent convert. He just hasn't really understood baptism, so he didn't really want to do it. But he is an awesome kid. We kept visiting him and his dad. This week Yoe had studied in his faith in God book all about baptism. And when we got to their house he just started teaching us all he learned. And he had learned a lot. And wanted to be baptized! It was really cool because he was so excited to teach us and he read us like three baptism scriptures. So yeah super cool. His baptism is Saturday.
Crazy week. But good week. But sad. But good. Also, I have less than half my mission left. That´s just too weird to think about. So let´s not! Love you guys! Have an awesome week! 
Hermana Beckstead

Oh yeah. And the church is true. And someday, the gospel will just click for people. So don´t give up on your friends. God has a plan for all of us, we just need patience.  Love you all!