Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tukuy Sunquywanmi Munakuyki

Week 39
March 9, 2014

I bet you've all been wondering how to say ¨I love you with all my heart¨ in Quechua. That is how. 
Well, first of all, a new missionary arrived from a different mission. So they stole away Hna. Hansen to be her companion in a new area. So it´s back to being a normal companionship (not a trio). It is really weird. Two is the loneliest number you could ever feel. Just kidding. But good. So I´m with Hna. Valverde and she is wonderful.

Joe got baptized! It was awesome! And his dad, a recent convert (who recently was ordained to the priesthood) was able to baptize him! It was soooo awesome to see that cycle. They both shared their testimonies afterwards. Joe said what he felt was indescribable but that he felt as if Jesus was by his side. And Felix said he didn't have words to describe it but he felt very happy. The testimony part is always the best. 

Speaking of water, they kept doing Carnival. We had a member with us and when we saw a big truck full of shirtless men with lots of water she acted like it was World War 3 and rushed us to cover. And we made it out unscathed. But then a little later, they got me. A little kid throwing water out of his car window. Well played Peru, well played. They got me. The Quechua women here have awesome hats, and when it´s raining or whatnot they just put plastic bags over the hat. Doesn't matter if they get wet, just not the hat. I love it. 

Also this week we taught a first lesson to a mother and daughter we found contacting. First, the mom, Laura is MARRIED. That is so cool. And rare here. And Alejandra asked all the perfect questions, like s there something after this life? And will we be able to see our loved ones after we die? Basically a missionary´s dream come true. We just answered the questions very simply and the Spirit was so strong. He always testifies best to simple, true statements. But it was seriously incredible. As the words came out of my mouth the Spirit was tangible in the room. I think it was the strongest I have ever felt the Spirit in the field. It just strengthened my testimony that there are people here that need the Gospel. They have questions and we can help them find the answers and the peace that the answers will give their soul. Heavenly Father is so mindful of His children and where they are, and He helps us find them. Just trust in Him always!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you tons!
Pictures- the trio goodbyes
the baptism
and I promise Joe´s not just happy because he has some awesome cake in his hand.The cake was really good but the baptism was better...

Tukuy Sunquywanmi Munakuyki!

Hermana Beckstead

" Hehehehe. Hit my 9 month mark."

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