Monday, March 3, 2014

Paros, Cambios, y Bastante Agua

Week 38

March 3, 2014

Strikes, Changes, and lots of water. That pretty much sums it up. Hi everyone!  This week was NUTS. Okay, Monday and Tuesday Cusco went on strike. So that´s fun. Also, Carnival was this week. We got water balloons thrown at us and foam sprayed at us. Okay, that part was actually really fun. It was hot at first, so I just embraced it and held my arms out and smiled real big and then they would attack me. Hermana Hansen was less excited to have them thrown at her. And then there was a companionship in the mission with some problems I guess... so emergency transfer. They stole away Hermana Luque and gave us another missionary. Really sad sad day. I guess our trio was too awesome to last forever. But she´s really great. She´s named Hermana Valverde and she is from Trujillo. So maybe you are wondering if we got any missionary work done. Well, yes we did!
We have been teaching Yoe all of my time here. He is the son of a really great recent convert. He just hasn't really understood baptism, so he didn't really want to do it. But he is an awesome kid. We kept visiting him and his dad. This week Yoe had studied in his faith in God book all about baptism. And when we got to their house he just started teaching us all he learned. And he had learned a lot. And wanted to be baptized! It was really cool because he was so excited to teach us and he read us like three baptism scriptures. So yeah super cool. His baptism is Saturday.
Crazy week. But good week. But sad. But good. Also, I have less than half my mission left. That´s just too weird to think about. So let´s not! Love you guys! Have an awesome week! 
Hermana Beckstead

Oh yeah. And the church is true. And someday, the gospel will just click for people. So don´t give up on your friends. God has a plan for all of us, we just need patience.  Love you all!

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