Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 37

February 24, 2014

Hey Guys! 
So this week we walked a lot. How is it that everyone always disappears at the same time? Huh. But walking around is much more exciting when it´s Carnival!  Carnival is basically a huge South American water fight in the month of February.  We've had several water balloons thrown at us now, but nobody´s really got us yet. I just always smile and hold my arms out real big at all the little kids with water balloons and then I say ¨casi ¨when they miss. Basically I am just really asking for it. This Sunday, though, is when they really go crazy, so maybe someone will get me. 

Remember Ernesto? The awesome old man that´s the best? Yeah. Well we were teaching him and his wife and at the end, she gave us a nice drink (Cusco weather is kinda nuts. This week has been really hot. It just feels like the sun is too close...) but anyway. We were drinking it and Hna. Luque just looks at me and she´s smiling about something but I didn´t know what. So I just made a face at her and kept drinking. And then she starts to laugh but she had drink in her mouth so it starts coming out. But then it continued for awhile, and upon further inspection it was vomit. Lots of vomit. Lots of pink vomit. It was like a fountain that just never stopped and kept going onto her hands, skirt, and legs. And we were just like, is this real life?  It was just really surprising!  Hna. Luque was surprised too. She said she felt great and she just couldn´s stop laughing. She said my face killed her. Oops. And why do we always die of laughter there?  But we cleaned it up right away and apologized profusely and apologized some more and disinfected and apologized some more and left. It was just very strange. The weird part is where we got to the point where we usually ask when we can come back again, but I just couldn't get myself to say it.  But hopefully sometimes we get the courage up to go back because they are really so awesome. 

It seems that Hno. Farfan (my favorite less active member) read some anti-Mormon stuff. So that was really sad sad. Praying for him.

Roxanna talked with her boyfriend and it went well. I´m so proud of her.

Well, I realize this was a strange email. But it was a strange week, so there it is!  Love you guys tons! The church is true!
Hermana Beckstead

The Trio

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