Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 33

January 27, 2014

Hey Guys! Hope you had a great week!

This week we taught Melani's family. It was great!  We asked a member to come with us and we got to the house and when they opened the door the member was like, "Oh, these are my friends!" Haha so that was great! 

Gillermina has come to church every week since we found her. This week she brought her two kids and grandkids. She just kind of dances into the chapel and looks so happy to be there. I need to take a picture with her sometime.

And we are teaching this recent convert here and he is the best! He is super old and makes my day whenever we visit! He's kind of blind, but you wouldn't be able to tell just by watching him. He reminds me of Great Grandpa Brown. He always wears some hat that looks like it came straight from Newsies. And I just love him and his wife. We were teaching them about family history (by the way, reading about family history in the book True to the Faith just made me want to come home and do that instead AWESOME!)  Well they always put me in a laughy mood anyway because they don't understand my comps questions, the guy always is the one to fetch the wife her scriptures, even though he can't see. They are just too adorable and the things they say make me laugh. Well, we were singing Families can be Together Forever and I look up and in a matter of seconds Ernesto had fallen asleep and, I don't know what happened, but I just couldn't control myself and started laughing, startling the poor old man awake. And then my comp started. And we couldn't stop. Like really. WE COULD NOT STOP. And I'm not really a giggly person. But after various failed attempts, we finished the song with much difficulty. Luckily, we were able to pass off our uncontrollable, unjustified laughter, as some serious respiratory issues. And Ernesto just was telling us how it's because Cusco is so dry (Which, why is Cusco so dry? It rains all the time! I guess it's because we are so high) -But yeah, they are my favorite. And that is my embarrassing missionary story of the week.

I love you all tons!
Hermana Beckstead

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