Monday, February 17, 2014

Os digo. Vosotros. Como estais. estais. estais. So fun.

Week 36

February 17, 2014

Emma's Christmas package finally came so they put together the gingerbread house just in time for Valentines!

Hey Guys! Hope you had a great week! This week was pretty nuts.

Monday: found out that Hermana Smedley had a transfer. Really really sad.
Tuesday: say goodbye to Hermana Smedly. Really really sad. Another Hermana from our house left too. So that day I hung out with Hermana Florian, and when her new companion got here we became a trio.
Wednesday: Spent the day in said trio. We had a great lesson with Olimpia and her sister Vilma too. They face a lot of opposition in their family because whenever there is a family get together there is drinking. But now the two are trying to quit. So they can help each other during the family get togethers. Before, Olimpia had told us how she doesn't really understand the scriptures that well. We invited her to pray before reading to help her understand what she reads. This lesson we were talking about baptism and how you need the authority to do it, and she´s just like, oh like in this chapter where Christ gave Nephi the authority to baptize? And we were just like, wow, good job! And she´s just like, Gracias a Dios. She is so cool. She said she prayed for help and while she was reading she wasn't really understanding but then afterwards she remembered all this stuff! Blessings come after the trial of your faith. Don´t give up..... 
Thursday: My companions took so long to get here because they came from Puerto Maldonado, the Jungle, and the road was super messed up and mudslides and stuff. But they made it! And they brought Hermana Ostler by to visit for a second. That was a second of Justin Bieber singing being crazy bliss. But just for a second, then she had to go. So yeah! 2 companions! Bunk bed.
Friday; I don´t remember.
Saturday: I don´t remember.
Sunday; My favorite less active came to church again! Hermana Farfan. Seriously, that family is the best. They are almost reactivated in the church. 

My companions- Hermana Luque. She is 19 and was born in Ecuador but lived most of her life in Spain. So basically I am just always saying, ¨como estais vosotras?¨as we are walking down the street in a trio. I should probably learn how to say more stuff in Spain Spanish. But she´s great! And also, I would like to publicly and profoundly thank Hermana Ostler (her last companion) for teaching her ¨Man, I feel like a woman¨by Shania Twain. I´m not sure if she knows what all the words mean, but I will never get tired of her singing it. Ever.

Hermana Hansen- remember her? MTC! Yeah, I got a companion from my group! It´s really fun. Because she is the same good old Hermana Hansen but now we know Spanish and we are like real missionaries. She´s from Payson and went to BYU. 

Basically it was a crazy week but I am so excited to get to real work with my new companions! 

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