Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dead Armadillos

Week 53

June 16, 2014

Dear Family,
I hope you had an awesome week!
This week we did some service and found some dead, hollowed-out armadillos! Why? Well that´s what I wanted to know too. Apparently they are going to use them to make charrangos, these mini guitar looking things. 

We had our first lesson with the less active, Kempis. who we are hoping will become our ward mission leader. He had an internal struggle about turning off the world cup to listen, but in the end he did! So I would say that´s an excellent sign.

We worked hard with Moises this week. He has been sober! So great! But then he didn´t come to church. Patience....

Also, the Familia Valencia. I think I told you about them in one of my first emails from Puno. It is hard to find them all at home but we were able to have another lesson last night. The first time we talked with the hermana she talked about having an eternal family. We talked simply about temples and eternal marriage and how if you want to be married after you die, you need to get married in the temple. We asked them when they wanted an eternal family and the hermano was just like, ¨Now! ¨ So they are getting married in August. July would be cool, but they have some tradition here about getting married only in even months and even years. So I´m just happy it's 2014. So August! I really hope I don´t go anywhere because they are an awesome family. Some of the kids are already members so we will help complete their family. 

Also, we are still learning more parts of our area all the time. We have been searching for addresses we see in our area book. We were walking down a main street and I just thought to myself, oh that´s a cool street when I saw this tiny, tiny, side street. And so we stop and it was one of the streets I had written down wanting to find who lived there. Then I just had one more street I had written down that I didn´t know where it was. And then like two minutes later I thought, oh that´s a nice street. And it was it! God is really nice to us.

So yeah. I guess besides all that the other thing you should probably know by now is that I am in love with these Peruvian cookies. I´ve kept it hidden from you all for quite some time now, and you know, it´s just better to be honest. They are called Casino cookies (google it) and they come in all kinds of flavors but the best is mint. Hermana Harbertson always tries to help the missionaries eat healthy and stuff but then she comes to Puno and she´s just like, it´s so high up your metabolism is working so hard so you can eat to your heart´s desire and not gain weight. So that has certainly not helped me decrease the amount of casino cookies I eat. So good and I get hungry really fast. Walking, hiking, teaching, talking to people, and eating cookies pretty much sums it up! 

Love you lots! 

Pics- the armadillos. I think you probably could have got that one...
And a picture with our pension family and the elders. 

Have an awesome week! 

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