Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Llamas de fuego

Week 47

May 5, 2014

I love the scriptures. Llamas means flames. But also llamas, like the animal. The llamas of fire. Love it.

This week was awesome. After a month and a half of work with Dante he just wasn't receiving his answer. But we have had some great lessons just helping him understand who the holy ghost is and how he works. And he got his answer! He is just so happy and he wants to be baptized. He is going to be baptized the 17th. 

Also, we have been working with a young woman named Flor Katherine. She has permission from her parents now and she is going to be baptized the 17th as well.

And with Roxana we set a goal with her yesterday for the 31st of May for her wedding.

These are all people that I love so much and have been working with since the beginning. I have to trust in the Lord that He needed me here with them now for a very specific purpose, and that that purpose has drawn to a close. Although another missionary will have the opportunity to see them make life changing covenants with the Lord, I can have peace in my heart to know that I did what the Lord wanted me to do. The Lord has called me to train a brand new missionary (I´m finally going to be a mom) and while doing so, open a new area for sister missionaries. My new area is called Huaynacapac and it´s somewhere in Puno. This information is all very new to me (I literally found out like 10 minutes ago) and I´m not sure if it´s all registered, but it´s going to be great! I don´t know anything about my companion but I will go meet her and take her to Puno on Thursday

Well, so yeah, I can´t think of anything else except I killed all my fleas! I took some good advice and I ironed all my blankets. The good news is that Puno is too cold for the fleas so I will be itch free! 

Also I've grown. I´m 5-10 now. 

But my mind is so scrambled. Hopefully the next email makes more sense but I love you all so much! Have a great week! 

PS. Oh yeah- remember how my sweet Peruvians have a home cure for everything? This was the latest that my companion tried on me in order to help me stop coughing. She filled a baby tub with boiling water, put some manzanilla (chamomile I think in English) and made me kneel over it and draped a blanket over us. So fun! I thought my face was going to melt off. Meanwhile, she took some fun pictures. I´m going to miss her so much. Love you guys tons and have a great week! 

AND. Brother Sinchi and his son received the priesthood.  Yay!

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