Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Can See Rus- I mean, Bolivia from my house

Week 50
May 26, 2014

Well I can. But we got some legal stuff and I need to leave the country and go to Ecuador and then come back. Today I traveled to Cusco and I'm going on a plane like right now to Lima. I left my hija in Puno in a trio. Hope she'll be okay--but I'll be back later in the week. Plus! Guess who the bus picked up in Juliaca? Hna. Coffey! So we will be travel comps for a couple days. 

I feel like in Puno we just climb 14ers. Except instead of ending at 14000 that's where we start. I am going to have awesome lungs!

One day we contacted this lady. I felt like we should just knock on her door. She anwered but didn't really want to talk. We talked to her about her family and then she was just like, well okay. Can we talk here? Yeah! She told us she has terminal cancer, and she is really worried about who is going to take care of her son when she dies. We came back later and taught the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was strong and awesome. We also talked a little about the priesthood.The next time the elders came back and talked about faith and how faith without works is dead. She understood super well and the elders gave her a blessing. All they knew was that she had terminal cancer, but in the blessing, they said God wouldn't have given her her family if He didn'

t know she could take care of it. She was also blessed to be healed as she takes part of the ordinances God wants for her. It was so cool! 

Anyway, that is the coolest thing that happened this week. I will have to fill you in on more later! Love you tons! 

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