Saturday, May 31, 2014

They say that Lake Titicaca is quite large

Week 48

May 12, 2014

Well it is. And I'm in Puno! My new area includes the shore of the lake and just goes up and up. So yeah.

I said my goodbyes Tuesday. Here is the sweet Family Farfan even though the hermana wasn't there. They didn't know I was going to have a transfer but they just randomly decided to make what I had told them was one of my favorite meals. Just because they remember details like that and are so loving. Hermana Farfan cried and told me she wanted me to keep working with her less active husband. But I know the Lord will send him the missionaries he needs now. Planting seeds!

Then we got trained by President Harbertson so we can train. The new missionaries came in and they gave me the daughter I"ve been waiting for! When President put us together I couldn't help myself I was just like we are going to be tall together! and everyone heard. She is almost 6 foot! She is from California and is Hermana Hunter. Just two tall gringas taking over a new sister area in Puno! Adventure! 

Thursday we took the 7 hour bus ride to Puno. It was super pretty but kind of sad as my Cusco mountains just got smaller and smaller until I'm pretty sure we got to just about the top of them all. But Puno kind of has some hills so that's good. And of course the lake which is beautiful. It's cold but it's supposed to get colder. I got here in time to see the Puno winter in about a month. That's okay. More reason to buy more llama sweaters and tights! 

Then the elders showed us our area a little and we just got to work. We didn't know anybody or anything but we contact a lot. Talk with people in the street. And we are trying hard to visit the members so they can trust us. And so we can help them. Really, as missionaries we are just here to help the members in their missionary efforts, not the other way around. It has been difficult but the Lord is answering my prayers so much!

We have been relying a lot on Him. When we are lost we will just stop on the side of the road and offer a prayer. Then He has been answering them quickly and we just stop again and offer a prayer of gratitude. He has helped us find streets, houses, be protected from a certain evil dog, He returned to me my suitcase that somebody mistook for their own, helped the crazy big bus not fall off the bridge,etc. He loves us so much!

Also, I love the Puno people. They have been described by some as cold hearted, but we have already seen a lot of hearts softened as we talk to them about their families when we contact them. Also, I think they are spunky. The elders took us to meet a reference. And they just keep offereing us alcohol, wine, and coffee. And we just kept resisting and saying no and no and no (well, mostly me, because my hija didn't understand what was happening) and the elders didn't even help me out much. And I'm just like man they are stubborn! But we kept being nice to them. And then they just start cracking up and one of the elders comes out with his camera. They were memebers! hahaha they are just really hilarious! I love them so much already. 

And am excited to keep working in Huaynacapac, Puno. I love you all tons! Have a great week and happy mother's day yesterday to all that this applies to! I skyped with my mom and family yesterday and it was great. Love you guys!

Hermana Beckstead

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