Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week 49
May 19, 2014

Hey Guys!

This week was great! I know that the Lord has been preparing people here to specifically recieve us here in this area. 

Okay, so we had some lessons with Moises from our area book. For whatever reason he wasn´t quite ready to get baptized when the elders were teaching him a month and a half ago, but he´s ready now! His fear was that he would get baptized and then lose his way, because he has friends that are memebers but that aren´t doing great things right now. When he said that he just reminded me of Grandpa Davis who said if he was going to be a member, he wanted to be a good member. Moises has a lot of desires to be a faithful member, and even wants to serve a mission! He is 25 right now but you can go until you are 26, right? I hope so. We have had three lessons with him and he's doing great for his baptism on the 31st!  We were pretty excited and he already passed his baptismal interview and everything.

This week we were walking up a certain street and an Hermana stops and asks us if we had just passed by her house to visit her. We had been looking for some people in the area book on that street but I had no clue who that Hermana was, but it seemed pretty safe for me to just be like, yeah! She asked us if we had time and of couse! We visited her and found out she was Agustina . I thought she was a member and was surprised when we found out she wasn´t. We wanted to share something with her but she told us her family would be home soon. So we waited and were able to have a lesson with her and her husband and two of her kids. They are a wonderful family! The Hermana wants to have an eternal family. They aren´t married but I can see them being such great members of the church. We talked about the law of chastity and asked them to put a goal to be married. The Hermana said we convinced her husband that the other missionaries could never convince. I don´t really remember what we all said but I guess we said the right things that the Spirit told us. And we had just finished when the zone leaders knocked on the door. They said they wanted to introduce the family to the new sisters in the area! It was funny because the Lord had already guided us to their house first! I really do feel that the Lord has prepared specific people for us. And it´s awesome!

Sorry no fresh pictures. But Hna. Valverde sent me these and maybe you haven´t seen them before. Oh AND! Dante and Flor Katherin were baptized yesterday! Hna. Valverde told me that Dante´s less active dad we were visiting too was able come to the  baptism. Afterwards, Dante bore his testimony about how much he has changed and how he wants to share the gospel. I wasn´t there but I am so happy for him! And Flor Katherin was nervous and cute and I didn´t get to hear too much because my calling card was up. But so happy!

Also, Hermana Olivares (my old companion in Ollanta) is in my zone now. She says Rajoo and Luz Marina are doing great. Also, Gimena who I worked with is finally making the choice to be baptized. And a family I visited a couple times but mostly the elders did, are getting married so they can be baptized! Wohoo for planting seeds! It reminds me of a scripture that talks about never tire of doing good works. Not a single good work is in vain! So keep working hard in the work of salvation and being awesome. 

Love you guys tons! 
Hermana Beckstead

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