Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 46
April 28, 2014

Hey Family!
This week went by really fast! The Lord always blesses us for obedience and protects us. I am going to attach a picture of my companion and I with the Familia Sinchi in front of the church (before they demolished it). They are a family that we have been working with. It has been a cool process to see because Hermana Smedley visited them back in the day but they just didn't progress much and we had to leave them for a little bit. But the ward has reached out to them to help them with some special needs and we have returned to visiting them. They are progressing so much more and attending church. They live in very humble circumstances and the Hermana had to work a couple of Sundays to prevent the bank from taking their home. She told us she misses church! They are being changed by the gospel and are just happier. They even have their 20 year old nephew living with them now and he is listening to us too! His name is Jorge. 

In other news, I might be a sleepwalker. My companion has woken up a couple times and I haven´t been in the room. And I don´t remember getting up to go to the bathroom or anything.

Also, we are teaching family history which is awesome! And even more awesome thanks to the great pictures grandma sent me. The Peruvians say I look like Great-grandma Brown. Yes!

Well, this is short and sweet. But pictures are worth a thousand words! Love you all and have a great week! 

OH AND MOM. I got measured this week and I'm 5-10! remember when I was sad I wasn't quite 5-9? I've grown! That was exciting. You should probably add that to the blog. Very exciting. And tell all your friends. I'm so tall! Well, gotta go but love you tons!

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