Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids

Week 44

April 14, 2014

 a picture my companion took of my crazy self and a cake our pensionista made.

Hey Guys! I hope you had a great week! This week went by fast but I´m not really sure what happened so here are some random thoughts

Our 3 baptismal dates for the 26th turned into 0. That always hurts a little but it´s okay. It´s kind of funny because in Ollantay we were always stressed because we didn't have people to teach. Well, now we have them, but they just all have problems! Haha. It can´t be easy though, because we want them to have a lasting conversion.

We taught Dante repentance and shared the scripture about if you repent, God remembers the sin no more. He excitedly asked to make sure. "You mean, God forgets it?" It was such an innocent question and he was so excited about the doctrine of repentance. We can repent.  YAY!

Trix. No carpet, air conditioning, or heating here, but I found TRIX and the kind of trix in shapes! I´m completely willing to call that one a tender mercy of the Lord.

This week I saw a speed limit sign! What´s that? It said 30 km per hora and I was curious and was close to the driver so I noticed he was going 50. Haha but nice try Peru. It´s a nice thought. President Harbertson was right. He told us that we have angels protecting us because he´s seen the buses we ride in. It´s so true. I've thought so many times there is NO way we are going to make this turn and we always do! So don´t worry mom, we have a lot of angels protecting us! A lot. And strong because they push big buses around.

They don´t have lawns, and they don´t have lawnmowers. But occasionally someone has a little strip of grass. In which case, they would cut it with school scissors.

My companion was a little mal del estomago, Peruvian style, if you know what I mean, a while back and was going to the bathroom a lot. We went to visit Ernesto and Margarita and when Margarita saw my comp she was just like, Oh, do you want to go the bathroom? hahaha.

We visit a less active and her awesome son who has autism. She told us that he always wakes up in the morning and just stares up and just keeps saying, ¨he´s there, he´s there! I liked that.

Hermana Valverde and Hermana Gonzales (another Hermana we live with) are learning English. Hermana Valverde asked Hermana Gonzales the opposite of the word smart and Hermana Gonzales was like AWESOME! Wait, no! Haha. 

Guillermina and I, we need psychological help

So it was a fun week. And this is the most random email ever!

Love you guys and have a great week!


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