Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just Rub Some Lime In It

Week 42

March 31, 2014

Peruvians always seem to have a great natural remedy for everything. Sometimes I get lots of bites. From fleas or something. You get fun different advice. Like pee on your legs (Hermana Farfan) or let´s just squeeze lime all over your legs (my companion). Lime sounded better than urine so we tried that one. It stung, but I actually highly recommend it. It makes your skin nice and soft. 

This week we were in a lesson with Roxana and we were talking about the law of chastity, getting married, all that jazz. And she was kind of putting up some excuses and so we talked about if she wants blessings now or in 20 years (now is the time to prepare to meet God) and that with God, everything is possible. In that exact moment the power went out. Everywhere. Pitch black. Haha, it was so awesome!  I had my flashlight with me so we continued the lesson by flashlight. That was fun because it felt like we were camping and just talking around a fire. Our member shared her awesome experience about getting married and we talked some more very straight-forwardly and then we asked Roxana what she was going to do. She kind of paused, then just said, ¨get married¨. And as she said those words, all the power came back on. I couldn't help myself from telling her I thought it was a sign. That was really cool.

So President and Sister Harbertson are in our ward but they have come once in all my time here because they are always traveling through the mission and visiting and stuff. So we are always making jokes about our less active family, the Harbertsons. Like, we need to bring them up in ward council, we need to get the home teachers, etc. Well this week the visiting teachers of Hermana Harbertson called the house. Our housemate Hermana Gonzalez answered and they asked her for Sister Harbertson's address and stuff and we all heard and just burst out laughing. The poor Hermana was probably so confused.

Dante is still doing great. And yeah. Love you guys! Hope you have a great week! 

And I may or may not be going to an Andes zoo today in a little town called Tipon. I heard you get to hold the animals. So hopefully you will get more pictures next week. These pictures are to make up for 2 weeks without pictures. These are from the flour and egg and cake in the face birthday fun. And with the Family Farfan  (my favorite less actives)

Love you guys!

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