Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hey Mom, I held a baby puma!

Week 43

April 7, 2014

Hey Guys! I hope you loved conference! Wasn't it the best? The other gringa sister missionary and I listened to the first session in English but it was really pausy so we listened to almost half in 2 hours. So then I just watched the rest of Spanish. And guess what, the church is true in Spanish too, (rhyme haha). I liked the part (I don´t remember who) that said we should get to know Christ better so that we will recognize Him at the last day. We get to know Christ better by studying Him in the scriptures and being obedient. This is so true! I have learned new things about Him by marking in the Book of Mormon His words and what others say about Him. I recommend it!

Also, we got kind of a pat on the back slash spankin. We have been working hard with less actives, and the attendance rate in our mission has gone up 10 percent since January. So, good job missionaries! But then it´s like, you need a bigger chapel so we are going to tear down yours and build a bigger one and it´s like hey wait...But it´s okay. We are going to share someone else's building and attend at 2 in the afternoon. And one day we will have a nice big capilla! Apparently they have added on to it before so the foundation can´t take any more renovations.

The pictures are me holding a parrot and sloth (don´t die Mary) and a baby puma leopard thing. The leopard animal was a little more scary but the other two were perfectly docile. I love Peruvian Zoos! 

Love you tons! Have a great week!  

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