Thursday, October 16, 2014

All the protein is going to her hair!

This is Tahira!

October 10, 2014

Week 69

Hey Guys! What a week!
Tahira, Ever's niece, has never had a haircut. (She is 8 years old.)  Her hair is suuuuper long. Hermana Hunter and I tried to do it once for church. Big job. But anyways, the doctor says she is so short because all her protein is going to her hair, haha.  I think they are cutting it soon.  Your first haircut is a party here with like a clown and stuff. It's a shame, but probably about time.
Well, this week we had an awesome lesson with the Familia Luque.  It is obligatory to vote in Peru, so Elmer came back from work in Lima, and their sister Raquel (she's the best and helps balance out her brothers craziness with some cool normalness) came from Juliaca and the dad came back from the mines. (he asked for something to read about the family.We gave him the pamphlets and a Book of Mormon and he can read on the 7 hour trip back to the mines).Plus, it was Gala's birthday (Gala is the sweetest, she just doesn't know it's true yet. Pray for her please!) ! We shared the Plan of Salvation and ate some cake. It was great. Elmer has finished the Book of Mormon and is reading the pearl of great price and is going to church wherever his travels take him.He told me he has been very tempted, but he hasn't had a drop of alcohol in 5 months.
Before that, we had a lesson with Nilton and talked about temples and family history. He saw the temple when he was in Cochabmaba and He wants to go to the temple! But understands that he himself needs to get baptized first. We invited him to be baptized and he said he wants more time. The member we had with us was 100% essential and shared her experience.I felt prompted to share Ether 12:6 I think. I just remembered the part about after the trial of your faith it will be manifested to you but as we read it I realized it is kind of a strong scripture, don't harden your heart and all that.  But it helped him and my comp shared her testimony and he has a goal to be baptized the 25th of October.  Pray for him that he can get his answer please. It is cool how great examples his brothers are for him. He said if my brothers can change so can I. We all thought Elmer would be the last to change, and now it's fallen on me! He said Ever loves soccer more than anyone, and he traded it for church on Sundays,so he can too.  I love this family so much it is incredible. And the gospel is changing them and making them even more incredible and happy.

We are teaching Moises. He has new spirit to progress. He is reading and praying and coming to church on his own! Except yesterday, because there was no church, SO WEIRD. I love church. Don't take it for granted. Next week we will see the conference and I am so excited.And the week after that we will be able to take the sacrament, which I am so grateful for!

This week a lot happened, more than will be put into this email. It was a spiritual roller coaster but I am grateful for every minute.  I sometimes feel like I can't go anymore but then The Lord pours out the miracles and I can keep going. I love my Savior so much. I am so grateful for my parents who raised me in a way that I could know how to access his help when I needed Him. We all reach a point where we have to decide if we really believe it all or not. I waited until I was 14 to experience the Atonement for myself and I know it is real. But don't wait. I know that all of you can know too. Let the Savior make your burdens light and change your life.God loves us! I know everything we teach is true. Heavenly Father never tires of re-confirming my testimony when I ask. I know He will do it for each of you too! 

Cut my comps hair! Well, just a little. Harder than it sounds, especially when you only have the orange kids scissors you bought for a sol (like 40 cents).  

Inka Cola has grown on me. Demasiado.
My Pensionista left me ice cream when she was gone with this awesome note.
Yes, my Pensionista is the best. She gave us ice cream again and then a plate of Chuno her mom had given her for us to try.

 My comp likes Chuno when it is prepared well so I thought I would give it another try. Nope. Still don't like it. But she ate basically all of it so it's okay.

The family Luque.  I love them.

Love you guys! Have a great week!

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