Monday, September 29, 2014

Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked

September 29, 2014

Week 68

So this week people were busy or gone doing something I'm not really sure what. There was some big dance festival thing, though, so that could be it. We did a lot of walking this week but it was good. We sang songs and heard lots of music playing on every street corner. The elections are this Sunday and they are in full campaign mode. They are taking popular songs and changing the words to talk about their favorite candidate. My personal favorite is about Ivan. Super catchy, plus our area seems to be big fans, so I get to see his face every day when I wake up if I want. I also heard quite the moving really corny song about hermanos and hermanas we need to come together and basically the Quechuas and Amayras you need to stop hating each other. So great! I might be a little sad when the elections are over. But mostly happy I think. I am sad. though, because of the elections, we can't watch conference. Here in Peru it is illegal to have meetings during the elections or 24 hours before. Ahhhh!. :(  But I will see them the week afterwards. 

Moises came to church! He is doing better at keeping himself busy with uplifting things so he doesn't fall into old temptations. He even came to a church activity at 6 in the morning! That definitely wasn't my idea, but they insisted that it would be best because any later everyone starts washing their clothes and going to the market and stuff. So yeah.

Nilton came to church too. We haven't got to teach him much but tonight we have an FHE with them. 

This week we did divisions with the hermana leaders. The day before we told Jesica our pensionista that Hna. Viricochea wouldn't be there the next day and that another hermana would be instead. She asked where the hermana coming was from and we told her Argentina. She said she doesn't like Argentinans and so she was going to make Quinua so she wouldn't like it. I told her that she hates Papa a la Huancaina, haha. And the next day we had Papa a la huancaina! So that was a highlight for sure. 

Also we were waiting for a combi and a kid came up to us and said to my companion, Do you need some help? but in English. It was really cute. She was just like, uhhh, no we are just waiting for a combi. But way to put yourself out there kid! So cute.

Also, sometimes apparently I still mix up my Spanish. We were looking for an investigator and her son told us she went to her sister's entierro but I heard tienda. And so I'm just like oh, okay. Well could you let her know... I mixed up burial and store somehow. oops! 

But anyways. Kind of a slower week but it's okay. Have a great week! Love you guys!

And don't forget, confia en Ivan! Actually, just confia en Dios. 

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