Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There is a mermaid in lake Titicaca

Week 64

September 1, 2014

Hey Guys!

Well let's start out with the beginning of the week. So we go visit this hermana whose cousin is a member and invited her to church (a different ward actually, but she lives in our boundaries). The lesson was going normal and good until she was just like, Can I tell you something? And of course we said yes. She said you're not going to judge me right? No. And she proceeded to tell us this thing that she had kept up inside of her and hadn't told her friends or her family. How is it that people trust us enough to tell us such things 20 minutes after meeting us for the first time? It really is amazing to me. Being a missionary is an incredible calling. She said her cousin invited her to church and she said she would go, but only once and then never again, haha. And he told her she didn't have to come in a skirt if she didn't want to. But she went and felt so good that she went and bought skirts for Sunday, and the Sunday after that, and the one after that! She bought three skirts, guys! 

And the main event of this week of course is that Elmer got baptized! Wooho! Saturday Elmer was baptized and Sunday he was confirmed and also received the priesthood. We didn't know this until just recently, but apparently he used to be an atheist, and his family thought that everyone would eventually join the church except him. And Ever used to kick the missionaries out of his house!  His mom and little brother want to be baptized. And we finally got to talk to the dad for a bit! He works everyday in the mines but he told us he wants to get baptized someday. We invited him to the confirmation but he said he wouldn't be able to because he had to go back to the mine early in the morning. Well, surprise, he came to church anyways! And his answer changed to, "I won't let December pass by without being baptized!" Also, Elmer's less active sister came over from Juliaca and came to church for the confirmation. Apparently she is going to come to our ward every Sunday now. And the other sister that is a member is attending church in Puerto Maldonado. And then of course, the brother on his mission. I think his family is progressing in large part thanks to his prayers.  Also, Ever is doing great. The Bishop told us that Ever came up to him and asked him how he could help. He keeps blessing the sacrament. This family calls us their angels, but I am the one that feels blessed. We just walked by one day and felt we should knock on their door and we did and we met them and here we are. I know they are going to make it to the temple one day. I think during the first part of my mission I did a lot of planting seeds (remember Gimena? She was recently baptized, about a year later. And a family I visited a little finally got married and baptized, about a year later) but now for some reason God is giving me a great gift to see this family progress. They are so cool!  Also, Elmer says hi to my family because he said he has felt their prayers. And Bishop says hi too. and Carlos and just everyone says hi from Peru. They love you guys a lot.

And about the subject. Wellll, obviously.....there's a....mermaid...in the lake (say this with Antoine Dodsen accent). The Bishop's wife Gina told us a wonderful story about how a man was always going to the lake to talk with a beautiful mermaid until one day he went missing. Story goes that she took him. She also told us other really great stories about all kinds of wonderful mythical creatures that live here in our very own backyard. Who woulda thought?!

Anyways, love you guys! Have a great week!

and we went to Juliaca and I got to see Hna.Coffey pants

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