Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

Week 72

Some pics we took from some ruins we saw on a pday a little while back. They are called Cutimbo.
We received a reference named Katherine from the missionaries in a different area.  She is progressing great because she actually does what we invite her to do! We are happy because she is not living with her boyfriend and he comes to church with her. We have a theory that he is a less active member because he told Katherine he used to attend church with his family when he was little. He seems really interested, too, he just lives in a different area.  We are going to get his information to pass over to the Elders. Katherine is 20 and studying. In our first lesson she told us she feels she has an emptiness in her life. She has come to church twice now! And her boyfriend, too. The gospel principle class this week was conveniently about eternal marriage and he had a lot of questions, haha. It was fun because he kept asking these “hypothetical” questions, like if you want to make your marriage eternal, where would you do that? Cute. GET MARRIED IN THE TEMPLE!
My companion and I set a goal to contact a family every day. Contacting people in the street has always been hard for me but the Lord has been merciful with me as I try. One day this week we were hurrying to an appointment and we really didn’t have time but as we saw a family I remembered that we were asked to contact each family, it doesn’t matter how much of a hurry we were in. So we started to talk to them and it was really easy because it seems like missionaries have taught them before. Pretty much right off the bat, the woman asked us if we had some folletos. They were good with the idea of us coming to their house to visit them later on. It was a tender mercy because it was something that is hard for me but the Lord made it easy because I was willing to at least try. The Lord can do His own work, He just wants me to be willing to go where He wants and do what He wants. When I have a spirit of willingness, He does the heavy lifting.
Also we had to go visit this hermana. We felt we had to go but we kept getting scared by these mean dogs every time we tried to cross. We weren’t going to let Satan win! So we prayed. And God answered that prayer by sending Constantina’s dog to lead us safely across. His name is Oso (bear) and he scared me at first because he nipped at my heels and I didn’t recognize him at first but he escorted us there and back safely. God loves us!
Put into practice what they told us in conference. I read slowly and studied Joseph Smith history and it was awesome!
Love you guys so much!

We ran into a family from Utah touring! He bought us lunch and told us to keep the change! It was awesome!  
It is the rainy season. It rains almost every day. 

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