Thursday, October 16, 2014


October 13, 2014

Week 70

Caniwako is hipster quinoa. I say that because the name is hard to say and also because it is a lot like quinoa but apparently it is much better because it is delicious and the whole world hasn't found out about it  yet. So it's cooler. And they claim is has like every vitamin and mineral your body could ever need ever. So what's not to like? When Caniwako gets big in the states like quinoa I will be able to say that I ate that stuff before the whole world knew it was the healthiest food in the world. Hence the name, hipster Caniwako. 

This week we got more of Moises side of the story about that night we ran into him in the street. He said he was kind of feeling bad and wondering what he was doing with his life. And then we just popped out of nowhere! The Lord leads us to those who need us! The only bad thing is that he was starting to progress again but then he didn't come to Conference and we lost hold of him. Ah!

But Conference was SO GOOD! Definitely the highlight of the week. Even better than eating Caniwako. It filled me up and went by so fast! We are preparing more and more for the Second coming and we need to follow the prophet. Also one of the themes I got was that if you don't have a testimony already, do what you need to do, Ask God, and get one! Also I loved Elder Scott's talk about the basics. I testify that these small and simple things really do make the difference for our family. I have met so many families! And the difference between those who read and pray together and those who don't is incredible. The things he mentioned in his talk seem like a simple answer, but they are the best things we can do to keep our families strong!

Elmer got his recommendation for his patriarchal blessing! Also, the Bishop gave him his missionary packet to start on his papers! When I found out about that I was just so happy! It's such a happy cycle. If he goes on a mission that is just amazing because he will help others go on a mission and it will just keep going and going. Share your testimony because they will share it with others who will share it with others etc.

One fun story. I am teaching my companion English and she is doing a great job. One of the hardest sounds for her though is the R sound, so I introduced her to a picture of Mary to help her say R. Which led to me showing her the rest of the pictures in the album. She always surprises me with the English phrases she can put together in her sweet accent and it was surprising and funny when she said, "McKay, what happened to your face?" Haha, because he was making a funny face. And then later she said "Carson is beautiful".  Fun things like this make every day enjoyable. Don't forget to laugh!

Also, this guy talked to me in English on the street but he was making me nervous because he kind of seems like one of those guys that sometimes stalk the missionaries. He asked me what is your address? Which I didn't answer-. And then he asked me what my dad was like. Good question. I told him he is really tall and smart. So that should solve that. Thanks for being the bomb dad! 

Love you lots and have a greaaaaaat week! (I found frosted flakes here. They are called zuaritas. Probably because they have so much delicious azucar).

Hermana Beckstead

We taught Angie and she runs in with nuts and a hammer. She is fun

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