Friday, December 27, 2013

Hey Gringa, My Mom´s Home

Week 28

December 23, 2013

The title of the email is what a little boy said to me this week. We always go to this place called San Isidro. Once there a group of children attacked me for pass along cards. They are the cutest. But we always ask them if their parents are home because then we could teach a lesson. And they usually aren't. So this little Peruvian was pretty excited to tell me that his mom was home! Haha. 

Speaking of the little children, and of the said attack, one of the little kids saw an image of the Book of Mormon and told me ¨my dad has that book!¨ Whaaa? So we asked what his dad´s name was and their address and went on our merry way. The next time we looked for that house and asked around and nobody knew where this Alsides guy lived. But this last pday we were going to the ruins in Ollantay and we met a man named Alsides. And he´s from San Isidro. So we´re pretty sure it´s the same guy. And he and his wife are actually married. That almost never happens here. So we are excited to be teaching them! 

Also, while I´m writing this, I think the theme will just be kids. The 13 year old in the Rodriguez Family has come to church by himself twice now. It stinks that his parents don´t come but he is quite the valiant kid.

The other day we knocked a door and a kid answered. We introduced ourselves and asked if her parents were home. We hear her talking to her dad inside, and she tells him, ¨there are gringas here that want to teach us English!¨. Haha, well, that´s not exactly what we said. But not a bad tactic. If you listen to our message about Jesus Christ, I´ll teach you some English words!

Well guys, I miss you but I´m where I´m supposed to be. Have a very MERRY CHRISTmas! I love you all tons! 

Love, Hermana Bexter (my favorite mispronunciation of my name) 

Pics: ruins, and the church Christmas activity. PANTETON (fruitcake that Peruvians are crazy about)

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