Monday, December 30, 2013

Cuscooooo, He(she)´s the King(Queen) of the World! Cuscoooooo

Week 29

December 30, 2013

Hey Guys!
I hope your Christmas was the best! My Christmas was definitely unlike any other Christmas I've had before. The Christmas miracle was definitely to be able to (after hours of tracking down cameras and finding an internet cafe with skype) talk with and see my family on Skype! The best.
Remember our investigator Marilin? She studied for a while to be a monk, but then left that. Her husband is studying to be a catholic priest. Well we kind of dropped her for awhile because she wasn't progressing. But we recently stopped by and just invited her to a family night. To my surprise, she came! We watched the movie The Testaments and explained some more about the Book of Mormon. After that when we visited her she had changed so much. She said now she understood so much better that Christ could come to the Americas. She told us that Jesus doesn't need a car to get around! True. So now she keeps her Book of Mormon in a purse and even brought it with her to the chacra (the fields)! The lesson last night with her was awesome and we all had tears in our eyes when we watched Faith in Christ and talked about the Atonement. That movie is awesome. Watch it. The Atonement is awesome! Use it! To me the biggest miracle I have witnessed in the mission is how the Lord softens and changes the hearts of the people we meet. He changes those we teach and he changes me. When I came to Ollanta almost 6 months ago Luz Marina was a single mom who was really having a rough time, looking for the true church. She found it. She joined it. Life still has challenges but she just seems so happy. And that makes me happy. Yesterday she was called as second counselor in the relief society presidency. Oh, my heart is so fat. In a couple hours I have to go say goodbye. And I´m definitely going to cry like a baby.

sad pic with Juana because I'm leaving


So yeah, I´m being transferred. My area is San Jeronimo 3 and it´s in CUSCO! It is going to be an interesting transition from Ollanta (tiniest or one of the tiniest towns in the mission) and Cusco (ginormous, for me anyway). We are going to use maps and taxis and what? Also, I´m going to be senior companion. My companion (I´ll give you her name next week, my district leader can´t pronounce it, haha) just finished up her training and she´s a Gringa too! Good thing I understand Spanish now because I´m gonna have too! A little scared, but very excited. I've heard great things about my companion, the ward, and the members. The mission president attends our ward! Wow. So yeah. Next week I will be able to tell you about it!

Love you all! Have a great week! 
Happy new Years! (If you want to join Cammie in making a letter writing goal, do it! I´m going to be close to the mission office so easy to get letters! Thaaaanks! ) 

Hermana Beckstead

Enjoying a Chicken foot???

The house that should be the poster child of Helaman 5:12

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