Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 9

August 12, 2013

Hola! This week was pretty good! We found out we had fleas in our bed and I got sick. But I think those problems are almost resolved. And it only went uphill. 
A couple weeks ago missionaries gave the members Book of Mormons to give to their friends. There is a member in Ollantaytambo who is AWESOME. She always makes the trip to Urubamba for church and is just the best in general. She was praying about who she could give a Book of Mormon to and she had a dream of this woman that she knew. (A cool thing here is that this is very common. People here often have dreams as answers to prayers). So yesterday Hermana Beatriz (the member) took us to this woman. It was about a 45 minute to an hour walk each way but the lady is really cool. And we are going to continue teaching her. 
Also church yesterday was great. We are trying to reactivate. We have been visiting this less active guy who guessed he hadn't been to church in a year. He came to church yesterday! Yesterday at church we had 3 priesthood holders from Ollantaytambo plus the elders attend church. We have work to do but I do believe that one day Ollantaytambo will have a branch. 
As for English classes we are still trying to find a location, but we have a place in mind that will hopefully work out. 
This week we were visiting a less active sister and my companion and I were singing a hymn for her. I glance up and realize that the member isn't there and I think my face must have been pretty funny as I whipped me head around looking for where she went because Hermana Olivera just lost it and started laughing. We didn't finish the hymn because it was bizarre slash really funny. In a second she came out of this part of her house.
The pictures. Some are from last pday when Hna. Olivera and I hiked to some ruins above our house and you can kind of see our little town. 

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