Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 7

July 29, 2013

First of all, sorry for the cow story from last week. I realized afterwards that maybe it was a little graphic. Maybe.

Mom, you asked about my comp. She is from Mexico, knows some random words or phrases in English but that's about it. I teach her some English stuff though. She has been serving 18 months. She extended a bit to be my trainer! She is leaving in 4ish weeks.

I’m tall here. I hit my head on doors and I had to hover over the pulpit in church. But its fun.
People have the hardest time saying Beckstead. Not sure why. But its kinda fun.
Also, its winter. Nothing like a Colorado winter, but still chilly. Especially in our room for some reason. I wear my coat and my fuzzy robe inside. Cold cold. 

This week Peru had their Independence day. Ollantaytambo is small but somehow they found tons and tons of kids to be in their parade and dress up cool. 
We are close to Macchu Picchu and are going on August 19th. Woohoo!

I haven't been seeing tons and tons of llamas, but there are dogs everywhere! Some are cute. And most are nice. Except the one that went to snap at my leg and got my skirt instead. Now I’m a little scared of some of them, especially when dogs fight. But all is well. 
President Harbertson visited this week and told us how strongly he felt he needed to send extra missionaries to Ollantaytambo (me and my comp). The Lord has big plans for this area. We hope one day there will be a branch and chapel. For now, we take a 40 minute bus ride. It is 3 soles round trip which isn’t a lot in dollars, but is a sacrifice for people here, especially for entire families to attend.
This week at church my heart was full. One of our investigators came and two less active members that we spoke with came. YAY! 
Our investigator that came is named Luz Marina and is getting baptized August 17. She is a reference of our pensionista, Hermana Juanita. When we taught the book of Mormon, she said she knew Christ came here because here they have a story of a man in a white robe appearing to the people. It is a very special opportunity to teach the literal descendants of the Book of Mormon.
We found an awesome lady named Eulogia. She has children recently baptized. I love how the Lord places people in our path that are ready and have been prepared. I know the church is true!
Love, Hermana Beckstead
Thanks for your support, prayers, and love! 

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