Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What is this, a mission or a vacation?

August 18, 2014
Week 62

That's what Gina, one of our favorite members, told us when she found out in this mission we pay someone who makes us lunch and washes our clothes. Laundry is hard work here, so if you don't have to do it, you are probably on vacation.

Remember Margarita? The funny less active we were teaching that moved away? Well her daughter in law is a member and lives in our ward. Her name is Magnolia. We were passing by Margartia's house and the lights were on and curtains open and we peeked in and it was Magnolia! So we excitedly start knocking on the glass and a lady that was definitely NOT Magnolia looks up at us with kind of a freaked-out look on her face. Hahah oops! 

On that same wonderful day I felt like I should knock a door and this very cheery man came out. He told us that he didn't live there, but was just there to take care of his mom, who was a member of the church but couldn't attend anymore because she can't get around very well. But he said, "Jesus sent you," and that he would start bringing his mom to church! We visited them both together and she is a hoot! Her name is Maria and I love her. She is practically deaf and just shouts at you. We asked her how old she was and she shouted back, ALMOST 80! And her son is just like, no, no. She's 85. Haha. And then we asked her how many kids she has and she's like FIVE! And her son was just like, no mom, no you have 6 kids counting Richard. Haha she's the best. And her son isn't a member but he is very open. He said when he opened the door first time he was moved because we had a pure spirit, and God was in our hearts. 

Also, Ever blessed the sacrament! And he has been called as the Young Men's secretary! He seems a little nervous, but he will be great. Also, they called people to lead the music. Which means I get to teach them how. Singing is always a fun adventure here. Definitely a highlight this week.

Also, this week we were going back to the house and there was a pack of dogs lounging outside and when we got close they all took off after us. They stopped after a while and returned to their comfy spot right outside our house and were smugly lying there until our awesome neighbor dumped a tub of water on them. I just gave her a big thumbs up. Take that dogs. Missionaries are back on top. 

Also, the power went out again, and as we came inside, our landlords are like, how do you say darkness (in English) we tell them and the man just can't get past dark. And then when the power came back, they came upstairs and we just hear them saying, como se dice luz? Haha. They are so cute and trying to learn English.

Elmer is going to get baptized! We are just not sure when. He kept telling us he had a surprise for us so we thought that was the surprise but yesterday he was like, I am going to be baptized. But that's not a surprise, that's just my destiny. Haha. He is kinda dramatic but really great. He knows so much and is super prepared. And he wants to be baptized! The only problem is that he is going to Lima for work! And he doesn't love the idea of committing to a date.  But we are hoping he will be able to finish up quick. He would be the fourth kid in their family to be baptized. The parents aren't members and there is one more kid that isn't a member. One of his brothers is on a mission. We sent him a picture of Evers baptism and he was so so happy. I know his family is being blessed for his service, just like mine. One member at a time, but the goal is that one day his whole family will be able to go to the temple together. 

We went up to Maria's house again and she has disappeared for the moment. But her neighbor's door was open and we were just going to ask them if they knew where she was and they saw us and was just like, come in! They are both sick and have been going to the Evangelical church and paying tithing there because they were told the more they pay, the faster they will get healed. Lies! We talked about the Restoration and we talked about the priesthood. All you need to be healed is the priesthood authority and faith in Jesus Christ. We agreed to come back the next day with the Elders to give them a blessing. My companion and I were super excited and we decided to fast that they would be able to be healed. Elder Tandazo had to go to Lima and there were some other little barriers but we got up there for the blessing with two priesthood holders and they weren't there. It was a sad moment but I know it's all for some reason. I am trying to exercise my faith to see miracles but sometimes God has a different plan in mind. We are excited to see them progress.
I was reading a conference talk today and it said that God answers our prayers in the moment that will help us grow the most. I know that is true. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done but there are so many miracles and also fun moments to enjoy. I love you guys! 

P.S. I am excited to hear about how your study of preach my gospel is going!

Have a great week!

A great snack here. I just love it. The joke possibilities are endless while we are eating them. (Sorry mom, I still have growing up to do)

 Pday. We hiked up to this condor statue.

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