Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Round three in Puno

July 27, 2014Week 59

Happy Peru Independence Day! 
Well, we got the transfers this morning and I am staying with my hija here in Puno! We are so excited. I really want to be here to see Elmer and Eber make it to baptism. I know they will. Although there was a small setback this week. Their cousin got married and we went to our appointment and  Elmer was a little tipsy. The good news I guess is that we hadn't taught him the word of wisdom yet. It was still really sad though. Drinking is a big part of the culture here but we will teach him and help him!
I just wrote a few days ago, so here are some fun stories:
We  had to say goodbye to one of our less actives who is moving which was sad but fun because she is funny. Her name is Margarita and we asked her if she was excited to have more grandkids and she said no, haha. She was like I already have 16. She always says random stuff like that. But this time we found out she eats coca, so that could explain some of her behavior.
Also, there are lots of parties going on for independance day and also they think it is lucky to get married in August in even years, and so they are getting an early start on that. Whenever we run into drunk people we can get away easy but this time we saw a drunk man and he looked pretty unstable but then he started picking up the pace!  I don't know how he could move so quick but we were literally chased by a drunk man. We weren't in any danger but it was exciting.
Also, we went to this magical place where they give English classes. It is nice and clean and has American flags in it. We  have always wanted to go in but never have until we were helping someone with their homework this week. It was fun because we felt like celebrities in there. Everyone just stared at the two white people. We ran into our neighbor and talked to him a little before his test. As he was walking away, I was just like, Good luck! And then, take luck! Take care of the luck! If you have it, take it, take care for it! (Quoting Brian Regan) It was fun because they all had no idea what I was saying. 
Also, when I was on splits with Hna. Olivares we were at the pensions house and the little boy comes in. I asked him what his name was and he just looked so appalled and was like, you don't remember my name?! Hna. Olivares had to explain I was a different missionary (than Hna, Rasmussen who lives there and is white also). He just got a little sheepish and was like, oh, they look exactly the same! 

Love you guys! Have a great week! 
Restoration movie night with Elmer and Ever and our favorite member Gina (she is the bishop's wife and always feeds us and loves us) 


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