Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ask the missionaries...

August 11, 2014
Week 61
 Pday fun with one of our favorite members Constanina. We hung out with her and made some stuff that is like fried dough. She gave me that hat for the sun and insisted that it was a gift. She is so cute.
This week went pretty swell. 
We were walking down the mountain that is our area and this lady stops us and was just like, "Excuse me, do you speak Spanish?." Yes! She told us about some really hard times she is going through and asked if we could help her. Well of course! Her name is Maria and she lives wayyyy up the mountain. But everyday we hike up there I think it gets easier. It smells like sheep poop but besides that I like it because if reminds me of being at Ragged mountain. Her life is that her parents gave her away when she was young and she was raised by a woman that beat her. Now that she is grown her mom is back and she is taking care of her in her old age. The problem is that she usually doesn't have money to feed her but she does anyways but when they go without the mom talks bad about her to everyone up there. Yeah. But it was really amazing. She has come to church once now. And we visited her once and talked about the Atonement. We felt the spirit really strong. I had been trying to study more about how to actually apply the Atonement, and not for just sins, but pains and sadness. I shared an experience with her and through sharing my testimony with her I realized I had used the Atonement and been blessed by it without really realizing it in the moment. I felt a lot of love for her.

Also, Eber received the priesthood Sunday and is going to bless the sacrament next Sunday. The Bishop is also thinking of callings for him. He is excited. I think the last convert baptism in our ward (besides Ever) was in January. Yay for miracles!   

Okay so in the Area South America Southwest we only know where about half the members are living. So the area sends us names of members and we go find them! We were in this process this other day and went to ask some old members for help. They invited us in and we ended up sharing something small with them. My companion finished sharing her beautiful testimony and the hermano was just like, well! we like cooking with (insert some random brand of pots). We were just like, uh,,,what? And they were like follow us! And took us into the kitchen. Ahh no. There were stainless steel pot posters and they started bringing them out. And showing us this wonderful  pressure cooker pot that is silent!  It reminded me an awful lot of Napoleon Dynamite. Then they gave us some stuff to make our faces not red. As they were explaining it all it reminded me of nutrition class where we learned how to tell if something was a scam. I wish you could see them. This cute old couple trying to explain why their Malaysian supplement would fix all my problems, including a wart on my finger. They gave me some for free to try. I'll let you know if that works. We haven't found the member we were looking for yet though. 

Love you all so much! Sorry for lots of errors. This keyboard has problems.
Have a great week! 

Maria's lamb had a baby. Me with the lamb when it was three days old. She might be naming it domingo.

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