Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 14

I´m a Scorpion Killer, I´m a Wedding Planner, I believe in miracles, and I´m a Mormon

Hello! I hope you all had an awesome, scorpion-free week. I had an awesome, but not scorpion free week.
I´m a Scorpion Killer-This week we had a scorpion in our room. He was just a baby though. A little guy and his outside wasn't hard yet. But the fact that he was a baby didn't stop me from killing him mercilessly with a shoe. He is the third scorpion casualty in our room. The concerning thing is that if there´s one baby there might as well be a thousand because I´m pretty sure scorpions don´t have babies one by one. But don´t worry, I am dedicated to remaining vigilant and killing any scorpion on sight.
I´m a Wedding Planner- The other day was cool. We had an English class and family night planned- both of which fell through. Appointments didnt work out. But the saying which is cliche but so true came to pass, that when one door closes another opens. We had some time when something fell through so we went to see Aurora in the market to change an appointment we had. When we finished talking with her, there was someone waiting to talk with us. She approached us and asked if we were from the church of Jesus Christ of saints. We said yes and she said she wants to learn more about our church. Whaaaa? Happy Christmas everyone! Missionary dream come true. Anyway her name is Margara. She and her boyfriend want to get married. They feel their life isn't exactly in line with God´s will and they want to start their married life off right. Her boyfriend doesn't come to church much but did teach her how to pray. He didn't know exactly how to go about teaching her more about the church and that´s where we come in. We had an awesome lesson on the Restoration and they have a baptismal and wedding date for October 12. Taylor, Cammie, and Elise- ¨They´re finally gettin married they're finally gettin married they're finally getting married, it's a party in Agrabah!¨.
I believe in Miracles- we were in need in serious of help this week to help us meet our goals. We needed to find new investigators. We decided to fast and then go to this little town in our area that I´ve never been to before. It was probably about a 30 minute walk. It didn't take long to meet the `person I think we needed to. Her name is Lydia. She told us that before when she was having a hard time, and after just praying, some missionaries like us knocked on the door and shared a message with her. She felt this was her prayer being answered. They left and after she reopened the door, maybe just to see where they were going next or something. She said no one was to be seen. I don´t know if they were missionaries or angels, but I do know that the Lord answers prayers and prepares people to have the faith to listen to our message. It´s so true how He prepares things to come about in His time and His way. 
The church is true! Love you guys! Have a great week!
Hermana Beckstead

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