Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Would you like your last drink of unpurified refresco?

November 17, 2014
Week 75

"my holy tights and my happy souls"
Why, yes I would. That's what my comp asked me before pouring me a glass of delicious refresco from unpurified water. The area has noticed a lot of sick missionaries I guess and they think it is due to water that is not sufficiently clean. So we hit off the week delivering huge jugs of bottled water to our pensinista. That was fun. 

Also, we got trapped in the capilla for awhile because the District Leader didn't have the key and someone shut the door. Here in Peru the capillas have huge walls all around them so hoolagans aren't constantly playing futbol in the cancha. 

Also this week we recieved a reference from the hermanas lideres. We went to our first appointment and he was a little late and he was like I'm sorry I was 8 minutes late! 8 minutes late? I think that is the most precisely I have heard time described in a while. And feel bad you were late? He is awesome! His name is Anotoni and has lots of member friends.

Katherine canceled our appointment and didn't come to church and we don't know why! We are sad but trying to regain contact.

Also, that family we had our first lesson with last week, the Familia Fuentes, we asked if there was anyone else in the house that wanted to come listen and they asked if they should bring their son in. Yes! His name is Hector, is 8 years old and so cute! The parents carried him in and gingerely set him on the couch.The way they carried him reminded me of the people that lowered that man down in a bed. They did it with a lot of love and it was adorable. He has been in bed several months because of a fractured leg that won't heal. I asked him if he had any questions and he just said "no, señorita". Bascially he is just super cute.

The dog of a less active named Nikol followed us around for a little bit. My comp said he was guiding us. I told her that he was going to pee on a door to show us the way. Right after I said that, well, what do ya know, that dog went and péed on a door. Of COURSE we knocked on it. I mean how much clearer can revelation get? They didn't answer, but we left a pass along card. I will have to keep you posted on that one.

Also I had a stie in my eye and it was red and puffy. I love the Peruvian explanation of why these occur. My companion said it was because you had seen someone naked. Well, nope, definitely not that one. And my pensionista said it was because you had seen someone that is about to die. Yikes! But good news, everyone is alive and well.

We are having great experiences contacting families. President challenged us to contact every family and pareja in the street we see.  This week we saw the same family three times in the street and I am not very good at memorizing faces, I guess, because the second time we saw them we started contacting them and they were just like, yeah, you already told us! And the third time I went for it again but my companion let me know it was the same family so we just did a little follow up. Haha, it has been pretty fun trying to contact all the families.
This week we started teaching a member's mom. She was one of the first people we tried to contact I think about 6 months ago when I got here with Hermana Hunter. She said a lot of things like she didn't have time and she bailed on us in the citas and all that so we left her for a time. But she has gone through a lot of hard things and is ready to listen again! Her name is Lucrecia and I am grateful God gave me a chance to really get to know her. She loves the Book of Mormon and has lots of faith. Her son was headed down a real bad path and she prayed so hard for him. That is when he was introduced to the church. She said that now it is her turn to change and be happy.
Also we had a lesson with a less active and her non-member pareja (not married but live together). They also have a really cute 2 year old, Melani) . As we explained the Restoration he asked where the priesthood was now. Great question! And then later asked how he could get the priesthood. I liked his questions. There is some great potential there. They both came to church on Sunday and the less active member skipped work to come!  I feel good because we are finding new people to teach. And I want to leave this sector well off for my companion and whoever comes here. We are doing good! Just that my companion knows I am a liar.  Our relationship is built on LIES! I forgot to tell you guys she found out a while ago that I am going home. Oops. But she is doing great! 

I love you all! Have an awesome week!

"Waterfall we went to today. My comp and I tried to relive Pocahontas exept the part where we go down the waterfall. "

"oh yeah, the best part was that we saw alpacas!"

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