Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Papa Juan´s

Week 31

January 13, 2014

Well. Let me start off by saying that Cusco has a new mall.  A new, Americanish mall. That has PAPA JOHNS. We went there today and last pday after email. First hot American food in about 6 months. The happiest moment of my mission. Okay, don´t worry. That´s definitely a lie. But it was soooo good!

Okay. My first day here in my area the ward had a new years activity and we went to some. That´s where I met Traci. She's been going to church for awhile now, but the hermanas haven't taught her yet. She is living with her aunt and uncle (awesome members).  Hna. Smedley's last companion started talking with her at the activity and she's awesome! She already knows pretty much everything and she said she wants to be baptized to be a good example to her little sister. The only thing was that her mom isn't super involved in her life right now, and she would need her permission. But we made an appointment and fasted. She had some concerns but it went so great! Her mom gave Traci permission to make her own decision. The mom even came to church with us. From our first contact with her this was a miracle. Fasting is the best!

Okay so this week Hna. Smedley had a doctor visit so we didn't make appointments for that block of time, but then we talked with the doctor and my comp was a little better so he changed the appointment. So we had an hour and a half and no one to visit. We sat on a bench to think of where we could go, came up with some ideas, and headed off. Almost immediately, the relief society president ran into us and asked us to visit an inactive sister who was having a really hard time. She gave us her name and generally where she lived. We miraculously found her by asking a little. We met Giermina. She told us she was going in for surgery tomorrow (an accident with the bus) and her daughter was in Lima (she had a tumor that was causing vision problems).  Her other kids weren't home and she was pretty lonely. The next day we came back with a member to visit her after her surgery. She was really sad and lonely (her son hadn't come back yet) so we talked with her about blessings and asked if she would like one. We then offered a prayer for her and her daughter. So we came back the next day with the elders to giver her a blessing and she was SO HAPPY! Like hugging us and holding my hands and grabbing our faces, dancing happy. She told us that after our prayer she slept better than she had in a long time, and she woke up to a phone call from her daughter telling her that the tumor was gone. Completely gone. She told us she would come back to church. And she did. Her less active son even brought her. It´s just amazing. God loves His children sooo much and wants them to return back to Him and be happy so much that He makes miracles happen so they can find their way back to Him. I'm just grateful He let me be a little part of it. Really amazing experience. 

I saw Cusco referred to as a city high in the Andes Mountains, but since I'm here it just feels like a city in some beautiful, green, rolling hills. But if you want to remind yourself that really you are at about 11,000 feet above sea level, go run! Oh man that was a little difficult! But if feels good to be sore from a good run again.

It rains like crazy here. And our umbrellas take a whipping. Hna. Smedley's umbrella was already a little broken. Then a dog bit her and she tried to defend herself with her umbrella. She´ll be needing a new one of those. Then a bird pooped on her head. Then a huge moth flew out at me in our kitchen and I thought it was a bat. All in the same day.

Okay, one more story. We were talking with some members and one asked Hna Smeldey and I what happens if neither of us understands (Spanish). And for whatever reason, we understood but just really delayed. So he asked us what happens if neither of us understand and there was just a long, funny pause. Haha good stuff! But we are actually getting along great!

Remember that members are the best! And you are all helping in the work of salvation whether that means being a parent, a good friend, visiting or home teacher, or helping the missionaries. God loves us!

Oh, and read His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox.

Pics- some ruins we went to today and papa johns.
Love you all!
Hermana Beckstead

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