Monday, October 14, 2013

Ollantaytambo, Round 3

 Week 17

October 7, 2013

Hey guess what? I'm not a baby anymore! I have finished my in-field training! Can you believe this is my third transfer in the field? Sunday I learned that I will continue to work in Ollanta. Hermana Caicedo left for Cusco this morning and my new companion is Hermana Olivares. I will meet her tomorrow and am excited to work with her. I have heard great things. She is from Peru and has about 8 months in the mission (I think, a little bit of guessing there).
Conference was AWESOME! I had been looking forward to the Conference for some time now, especially because I heard we would get to watch it in English. So when we arrived and they said no English because their TV was broken I was pretty sad. Fortunately Presidente Moises saved the day. We found another TV and I felt extremely blessed to be able to watch Conference in my own language, in Urubabma Peru. The messages were so good and inspired. I hope you were all able to listen, and if not, watch them on and read them in the Ensign next month! Also, I just have to add my testimony- that members your help seriously is vital to this work! Please invite your friends to hear the discussions, meet the missionaries, or volunteer to accompany the missionaries on a lesson if you ever have a free hour. It truly helps us more than you know!
This week Hermana Juana (pensionista, and in one of the pics) let me in on her little secret: I ate horse meat! Apparently it didn't taste weird enough when I had it for me to question what it was but the idea is a little weird. It may be a possible explanation for the fiesta but not fun kind) in my stomach not too long ago. 
We have a family! The parents aren't married and they have TONS of questions but they are cool. They are fun to teach because they are so attentive to the message. They have a 12 year old son and he is quite the pensive boy. He asked us questions like who created God and if God created other planets and stuff like that. Fun, fun, fun.
Well I hope you guys had a GREAT week! Love you lots!
Hermana Beckstead

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